Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation services optimize patient outcomes by enhancing physical strength, flexibility, and function before surgery and promoting a faster, safer recovery after the procedure.

Trifecta Rehab Chiropractic Treatment
Trifecta Rehab Chiropractic Treatment

What is Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach to prepare patients for surgery and facilitate their recovery afterward, focusing on improving physical strength, flexibility, and function through targeted exercises, pain management techniques, and personalized care plans, ultimately promoting a quicker, safer return to normal activities.


How does Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation work?

Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation involves assessing patients’ physical condition, designing personalized exercise programs, and providing therapeutic interventions. This process enhances strength and flexibility before surgery, reduces complications, and promotes a smoother recovery. After surgery, rehabilitation focuses on pain management, mobility restoration, and individualized recovery plans to help patients return to daily activities and improve their quality of life efficiently and safely.

Is pre and post-surgical rehabilitation covered under health insurance plans?

Yes, our therapists are licensed physiotherapists, chiropractors, and registered massage therapists and we bill directly to most major health insurance providers. Please check with your insurance provider to see if a doctor’s referral letter is required before you book your session. 

Does pre and post-surgical rehabilitation cause discomfort?

There may be some discomfort associated with pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, as patients engage in exercises and therapeutic interventions to improve strength, flexibility, and function. However, therapists closely monitor patients’ progress and adjust the intensity of the treatment to minimize discomfort while promoting a safe and effective recovery process.

Is there only one type of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation?

No, there isn’t just one type of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. Programs are tailored to individual needs, considering factors like medical condition and surgery type. They may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other interventions for a comprehensive recovery approach.

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